Presentations at the Fujian Annual Library Conference

Today was a day jam-packed full of library visits and sight-seeing. I am too wiped out to recap it all right now so instead, I will post just a few pictures and videos from the annual Fujian Library Conference Richard mentioned in the post below. Both Rosalind and MaryKay gave presentations — Rosalind spoke about the history of the Horner Exchange and its future. MaryKay gave a presentation about Oregon, the Oregon State Library, and the history of collaboration between Oregon and Fujian.

Both presentations were very well received. The Fujian librarians’ enthusiasm for the Horner Exchange is heartening and gives me confidence in its continued success.


Here’s a video of MaryKay’s Introduction to her presentation.



Rosalind was as effervescent as always and won the crowd over with her charm and heartfelt sincerity.



The view from above the huge exhibit they put together about the Horner Exchange.



The conference felt very much like conferences at home — right down to the vendor pamphlets, library swag, and sensible shoes.




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