In Which We Visit Pingtan Island

Today, Tuesday, October 18, the six of us, accompanied by Wong Hui and Li Hanfen from the Fujian Provincial Library, drove down to Pingtan Island, about 2 hours south of Fuzhou.  We spent the day sightseeing the island, the fifth largest in China and the closest part of the country to Taiwan.  Stops included a monument to the 1996 standoff between Taiwan and the PRC, a tall towering structure with 129 internal steps affording a wonderful view from the top of the surrounding sea and island; a view of a floating abalone farm, complete with little houses where the fisherman live; a historic fishing village with houses made of stone; and Haitan National Park, which has spectacular sea cliffs and ocean-sculpted rock formations.  All of these were visited in a day that was warm (mid- to high seventies) with considerable humidity and rain/drizzle/you-name-it dampening our outings but not our spirits. – Richard


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