Good morning, Fuzhou!

1-img_20161015_093338Good morning from Fuzhou! This is Veronica and I am the first of the Oregon delegation to arrive here in Fuzhou. Jian should be here shortly. Richard, Rosalind, MaryKay, Amy will all come in either today or tomorrow.

The weather in Fuzhou is balmy, but pleasant. They’ve spent the last couple of months being battered by typhoons. Some of the libraries in Fujian experienced serious flooding, but apparently the Fujian Provincial Library didn’t suffer any damage this time — typhoons are such a regular occurrence here that they’ve upgraded their buildings over the years to make sure that their collection is not damaged. In any case, let’s hope the worst is over!

The official events of the exchange begin on Monday after everyone has arrived. Until then, we rest and prepare. And we’ll have a little time to explore the city of Fuzhou, too! Our hotel is right in the middle of downtown Fuzhou. There is huge skyscrapers all around and lots of construction projects. One of the librarians told me last night that Fuzhou has been growing very fast over the last few years and you can see it everywhere. I am excited to get out and get to know the city a little bit!

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